Credit Inquiries Removal letters

14-credit Sweep Letters-remove Hard Inquiries

But you may not be sure exactly what that means..

Simply every hard inquiry on your credit report lowers your credit score 2-4 pts…depending on the scoring model! It has been proven time and again the fastest and simpliest way to improve your crdit score is to eliminate the hard inquiries on your credit report hard inquiries are ones that can affect your credit scores.

They indicate that you are actively trying to get credit,

whether that’s a car loan, mortgage, student loan or credit card. (they stay on your credit report for 2 years)! So how do attorneys and professional credit repair organizations remove these hard inquiries from your credit reportsimple: they attack -the method of how the information is provided to the credit reporting agencies!

Its always in the details…and the lack of creditor records

will remove hard inquiries! This method has proven succesful in almost 91% of our client cases.. What you get: 14 -all original advanced credit repair letters toremove/dispute hard inquiries on your credit report these letters attack hard inquiries the same way attorneys dispute and force delete the items on your credit report with an advanced method that uses: official creditor challege of the accuracy of information (sec.

609 challenge)cra 623 (i) validation of the inquiry

informationcra 804 (c) incomplete data challengesstatute of limitations challengesdirect cease and desist to the furnisher no canned junk! The bulletproof method advanced letters can remove from your credit report:all types of hardinquiries that appear on yourcredit reportsimple: easy to follow process attack the credit reporting process not the hard inquiry record: make the credit reporting agencies prove the hard inquiry record is accurate and still exisits! You will receive an windows word-doc (open edit).

Via emailyour dispute letters are presented in 1 pre-

formated file these powerful repair letters are for hard inquiry removal only! The bullet-proof method: eliminates costly certified mail delivery to the credit reporting agencies (cra’s)! Forces the cra’s to validate…not verify…every shred of information!

Stops 3rd party information brokers from collecting and

selling your inquiry information to the cra’s! Eliminate’s old-negative-outdated inquiry records! Stops the cra’s from reporting the hard inquiries on your credit report stop wasting your money and time!

End your credit nightmare! Withthe bullet-proof credit repair method this method has proven effective in almost 91% of our clients disputes, our money back guarantee we will take on all the risk because we know  this system works and you will be completely satisfied. Order your litter price 39. 99..